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I used to be into single action 1911s, then SA/DA semi-autos. I've since converted to DAO. Not being a pro-gun fighter, the simpler, the better. For any handgun for self-defense, my rule is "pull the trigger."
If you're happy with the Glock + external safety, great, but it would of been cheaper and in keeping with the simple Glock design to install a heavier connector and/or a New York trigger.
Allan Schisel
I think all safety is in the brain. Practice safe handling of the Glock and you should not even need the crutch of a safety, although far be it for me to begrudge a man an alteration to his pistols to make them work better for him. Personally, I agree with Allan. My regular carry piece is a S&W 640 double action only, no active safety, all stainless steel, .38 Special. At best it gets carried in a leather pocket holster; at worst it is just jammed into my pocket. My Glocks, that are for defensive use have all been adjusted to have the longer, heavier pull of the NYPD trigger spring installed to replicate the experience from my S&W 640. My other carry pieces all have double action first shots and de-cockers to drop the hammer after effect a safety.
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