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A little over 20 years ago a friend gave me 2 H&R 22 revolvers. One was complete, a model 922. The other was just parts, a model 929 Side-Kick. Both were pretty much rust buckets at the time and he didn't see or have any use for them. I sanded and re-blued the 922 and had to have a smith weld and grind the hammer firing pin to shoot reliably. It is now a very nice plinker. I am thinking of making the 929 Side-Kick a project gun but don't know if it's worth the effort. What I have is the frame, barrel, complete hammer with mainspring and guide assembly. Not a free floating firing pin but hammer mounted. Original white plastic grips. I also have the swing arm assembly but not the pin. Have the cylinder and extractor assembly but the small pin at the end of the extractor is bent. I can find no way to disassemble the cylinder from the extractor. The cylinder is perfect and just needs to be sanded and re-blued. Looking at Numrich's catalog it appears the cylinder and extractor comes as one piece. Must be some way to seperate them but I am no smith. What I need is all of the rest of the firing parts and pins and springs, (trigger guard, trigger, sear, lifter, etc.) and such. Numrich's schematics are a little confusing as they show parts for more than one model and I am not sure what I need to order.
I am not sure if it is a worth while project but I would really like to get this little plinker back in good shooting condition. If I could do it for less than a couple of hundred I think it would be worth it as I don't think your gonna find many model 929 Side-Kicks around now of days.
As I said I am no smith. I have a general knowledge of firearms but have never taken on such a project with so many small parts, pins and springs. Without a manual I am totally lost. Thinking I should bring it to a smith, if I can find one that has knowledge of the old H&R's but of course, that would add to the cost. I can re-blue everything and buy the parts I need, if I can get any help in this search, and then bring it to a smith to assemble and save some cost.
Any help from you guys is appreciated as always.

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I am always of the opinion that winter is a great time to start these types of projects. It is nice to have something to tinker with I find. I am making myself a new flinlock rifle from a sorta kit, lol. Lots of things I have never done (cutting dovetails into a barrel for tenons and sights, inletting lock, complete barrel, ramrod channel, trigger, drilling a touchhole, etc. ), but will learn, or try to..

What the heck you could spend your time on worse pursuits...
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