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Posted - 09/12/2004 : 9:27:50 PM
I have all three calibers of Carcano and want to mount scopes on them. Someone told me the Weaver #2 Side mounts work. Is this true? Does anyone know a good way to mount a scope? Thanks!

Posted - 09/19/2004 : 1:39:43 PM
I would not drill and tap any original milsurp. You will be cutting its value substantially. However, it's your property and you can do what you like.

Thomas Benke, writing in Handloader Magazine several years ago, said he persuaded B-Square to make a scout scope mount for Carcanos with adjustable rear sights. Try calling B-Square to see if this mount is still available.

I've fabbed a scout scope mouunt for my fixed sight Carcanos. I took a spare fixed rear sight, ground the top flat, then drilled and tapped a hole for an 8x32 screw. I then attached a Weaver 63B base with the screw and some epoxy after thoroughly degreasing both surfaces and roughening the surface of the mount with sandpaper. On my rifles, I remove the original rear sight and replace it with my scout scope mount. It looks flimsy, but so far it's held up really well using a lightweight 2x scope and mild loads. And I've retained the originality of my rifles. And I can still get the handguard on.

I'd post a pic, but I'm still agonizing over the purchase of that digicam (too many choices!)

Posted - 05/22/2005 : 02:21:26 AM
i have all three caliber carcano and i have mounted a scope on all of them. it is offset to the left 1 inch which allows you to be able to load the clip. it is the weaver sidemount scope base and rings which will cost you about $35.00 postpaid. you put the base on and drill and tap the 4 holes then you flip the mount around and this wil give you the 1 inch offset. you will have to grind the rear thumb screw a little to allow you to get the clip in. the base comes with screws that are to short afer you flip it so you will have to buy the next longer works it laser bore sights in and you will; have to do the rest of the sighting in
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