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Umimmak Torulleq
Posted - 02/19/2006 : 5:35:35 PM

Hello gentlemen.

Take a look at this strange tool. Have any of you any idea what it have been used for? And should I buy it? I actually have a m/94 carbine but had decided to sell it since the minimum setting is 300 m. It renders it useless at shorter distances. Have though given it second thoughts since I now can buy this strange tool and a bayonet and a leatherholster cheap. I guess it will be great to mount the holster at my bike and then take the bicycle through the city out to the range!

I will though appreciate any comment about what the tool was used for TIA.

Best Umimmak Torulleq Torulleq/2006219173524_gw674362-1.jpg
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Posted - 02/19/2006 : 5:59:24 PM
Its an amorer's vise to hold rifles & carbines while they are being worked on.

Posted - 02/19/2006 : 7:13:40 PM
If you want a carbine with a 100 meter sight , get a taller front sight blade . I am not sure if a vee type blade is made tall enough , but there are front post blades made at +3.5 for M-96's which you can file to a vee shape & zero your carbine . Keep the original vee blade to put back on the carbine if you decide to sell it .

* * *

And here is a later posting; the second picture down there is much larger:

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Posted - 03/12/2006 : 12:51:21 PM
very rare cast aluminium armourers weapons vise for swedish M94 carbine stamped M6113-101010 for sale
my price 400 USD
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