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This show advertised 600 tables but only about 80% of them had dealers on them. I imagine it will fill up as the weekend approaches.

There were only about ten K98s at the show, most being RCs priced in the $325 range. I did not look at each one but noticed a lot of BCD rifles and one AR. Of interest, one dealer had a BCD/AR 42 dual code for $500, it was in decent shape for an RC and had a cupped buttplate stock.

The only other K98s appeared to be bringbacks converted to sporters. There was one BNZ 45 "S" block with correct rear sight, trigger guard and floorplate, but the finish was mottled with rust and patina. The bolt was mismatched (BCD or BSW), and mismatching to itself. It was in some type of commercial stock and the price was $295. I did not look at the bore.

The gun buying craze appears to be subsiding. At November's Gun Show in Chantilly, VA, there was a line for tickets three hours after open and most FFL dealers had a line of people waiting on paperwork. While I admit this was a weeknight at a small show, there was no line and few people waiting on paperwork. The dealers are ready; however: there were a lot of SKS and AK-47s on the tables.
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