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Gunshow find: 27th Series Tokyo Juki Kogyo, Rope Hole.

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The good news is, it is what it is, and all matched. The bad news, Bubba did a number on it. Stock looks like it was scraped with a piece of glass. Poorly. Glass works very well for stripping paint/varnish, and is very non invasive, if you know what you're doing. Rope hole was filled with wood filler. Metal parts show evidence of black paint. Wood butt plate is painted black, so the whole rifle may have been painted? Serial number is higher than the highest recorded, for having a plum knob. (according to MROJ 5th). Two-piece forend.


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I still think it's cool. Probably because I don't have one yet! Did the guy know what he had? Mind telling what you got it for?
Hello trenchwarfare :

39124 was the latest with the plum knob bolt handle, but yes with 2000 rifles from the end it is one scarce version to locate. Mine looks like it was lightly varnished, but at less than 90 bucks who was i to complain.Vicasoto
My latest 27th is 38486, with plum bolt handle. No paint, reddish urushi. Off the top of my head, I am pretty sure it has dust cover grooves. Your's doesn't?

nice find, how cheap was it?

Type A and B bolt handles are mixed from 37k to 39k range.

I'd have to try to put a little finish back on that example; too bad someone stripped or scraped the stock.
Thanks or all the info guys. No DC grooves on this one. Don, you know me well... I am a hopeless cheapskate. I'm afraid Vic has me beat. I had to pay the full $90.00 for this one.:thumbsup: Could someone post a picture or two of what the stock should look like? I remember hearing of a production varnish/stain, thats a close match. What mfg. and number?
Roy can give you a good idea on the stain; you will probably need to do a little mixing to get a good color.

Have a look in the barrel channel, the original color and finish may still survive there; sometimes bubba is lazy.
Don, that's a clear-cut case of DUH! Simplest solution first. Thanks. Pulled the handguard. Color inside, is just a tad darker, than outside. Looks like they added very little color, to the varnish. Should be an easy fix.
Here are a couple of photos of the wood on my 27th rope hole. This is the one discussed here 2-3 months ago with chrome bore.

2-3 others have chrome bore rope holes. That and mix of bolt handle styles and dustcover grooves or lack therof are likely the result of using earlier rejected parts?



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color on example above is just like mine.
Should they all have chatter marks on the wrist? Wish I woulda paid closer attention to the ones at Roys! This one looks like it may have had them, and maybe not? Hard to tell. If so, putting them back will be an interesting challenge.
Probably had the chatter, and that is likely on of the reasons the stock was boned to death and in the condition it is today.

Putting them back would be just about impossible, IMO; it would also leave the smaller wrist even smaller.

Just stain the wood a little to get rid of that blond color and let her go. It is what it is.
A tad more presentable.

The old girl, dressed up pretty OK. Should be an eye catcher in Gonzales.:thumbsup:


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Looks ok from here!
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