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Most all of Ca. restrictive gun laws have been relatively recent because of the gangs and bank shootouts, well publisized. The N. Hollywood shoot out is probably responsible for more restrictive gun laws in Ca. than any other one incident.
Don't forget those idiots who shot up a Stockton schoolyard and that office building in Frisco. Both of these shooters bought their weapons across state lines, so fixing the problem can't be done locally.The second nutcase lived in Nevada just long enough to declare residency! He was able to purchase two Tech 9's and a 1911/A1 .45 caliber pistol, without needing to use a Class 1 FFL as non-resident handgun buyer.

It's been down hill ever since.

In Texas it is also forbidden for cities to make stricker gun control laws.
Same goes even for Kalifornia.
Courts have thrown out two San Francisco "handgun ban" ordinances enacted first in 1981 and later in a 2006 ballot initiative called Proposition H. Both judges decided that the state legislature had the right to adopt a statewide pre-emption law in 1969, as they had done before with booze and cigarettes.

The anti-gun mayor Gavin Newsom even predicted that Prop H would be thrown out of court!
About all the cities can do is harass gun stores with business licenses and fees or control noise at a range. City hall cannot decide what kind or how many guns you want to own!

Registration equals confiscation remember those Legal SKS rifles in California and all who registered them had there guns confiscated.
I sure do! Millions of people still don't know about this SKS confiscation program.
The AG's office ran a deluge of threatening ads on AM talk radio stations only in the Central Valley. They didn't wanna pay for higher advertising rates in the Frisco and Smell A media markets; so it's possible that a few people might still have a SKS sporter in their house.

The only mention it got on the big city newscasts, was on the last day, that somebody could turn one in at the sheriff's office for a $250.00 voucher.

There are towns/cities that have passed stricter guns laws in PA...however they cannot be enforced and eventually have been dropped. Philly tried to do it recently and the DA essentially said do whatever you want, but I won't waste time prosecuting it.
Philly banned handguns in 1965, long before most people ever heard of DC in 1976 or Morton Grove Illinois in 1981. I remember reading about in a copy of the American Rifleman so long ago...
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