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oh i agree with your point but this is one guy who really shouldnt own guns in the first place matter where he lived....i do however disagree with those stupid laws....makes me glad i live in the south
Don't want to burst anyones bubble, but here are some facts.

Not only do states have different laws on guns ownership and use, but every municipality in the U.S. can and does have their own laws on gun use and ownership.

This includes the South.

Ask any well informed person who has to travel a lot and carries a gun. I.E. truckers, sales people, etc.

I don't know if you would include Tenn. as the "South" but one of our associates ended up in jail there because he had a shotgun in the cab of his truck. They searched his truck at a weigh station and found it. This was lots of years ago, so I imagine it is MUCH worse now. It would have been much more serious if it had been a handgun.

The ONLY way to to deal with this kind of ambiguity, is to have a good gun savy lawyer on retainer, or you are dog meat if misfortune comes
your way.

This has been well known to those that have to travel for business.

As Steve mentioned. In Las Vegas ALL concealable guns have to be registered. I do mean ALL, anything that shoots a projectile of any sort has to be registered. This is a Clark county law.
However, it is legal for qualified citizens to carry a loaded gun in their car in plain sight or under the seat etc in Las Vegas.
In the suburbs of Las Vegas, like North L.V. and Henderson it is NOT legal to carry a loaded gun in your car.

Boulder city, right outside of L.V. it is NOT legal to carry any gun, even if you have a CCW.

Nev. and CA are also open carry states. Meaning you can carry a gun as long as it is in plain sight. There are details on what that means.

However, guess what happens if you try walking down a busy street with a holstered gun or carrying a rifle. Not recomended, big hassle.

This is not unusual and many other areas are even worse.

The laws are constantly changing towards more gun control and regulation. Most folks don't notice, because they only know their situation in their area.

Some places in Wyo. as well as others, it is common to see people walk around with holstered guns.

The laws out West have changed drastically in my life time, when it comes to carrying and registering guns. All in the direction of more control and restrictions. It is a sign of the times.

Most all of Ca. restrictive gun laws have been relatively recent because of the gangs and bank shootouts, well publisized. The N. Hollywood shoot out is probably responsible for more restrictive gun laws in Ca. than any other one incident.

I Conn. there are signs on the Hwy. as you enter the state. NO guns period.

Anyone interested can go to the various web sites that spell out the laws of various states on guns. NJ and other Eastern states seem to be the most restrictive, but don't have monopoly on stupid restrictive laws.

People who have to deal with these laws will be the first to agree with the "stupid" part.

Piising and moaning about it is pretty useless. It is the way it is.

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Not in Oklahoma. No municipality can have gun laws that are more or less strict than the state laws.
Are you absolutely sure?

State laws in Nev. also prohibit cities and counties from making more restrictive laws. However, just in our immediat area, there are drastically different gun laws than state laws.

The prime examples are the two counties Steve mentioned that require handgun registration. The state does not require handgun registration and Nev. does have laws prohibiting counties from passing laws that are more restrictive than state gun laws.

This has been an ongoing problem forever in my memory.

Lot of states have the law that prohibits municipalities from making their own more restrictive laws.

However this is not Reality. Nev. is a good example and there are more.

Long ago I did a internet search of the State and local laws, as well as Gov. regulatons concerning the interstate transportation of guns. I found that local laws are often more restrictive than state laws inspite of the state law prohibiting locals from passing more restrictive laws.

Why this is allowed, I don't know. It is for sure a fact in Nev.

I will post the Nev. gun laws when I find them again.

It is also a can of worms with the "Open carry" laws.

Do a internet search on that and see how much hassle people who choose to use that law to open carry, have to contend with.

A small town in So. Cal. comes to mind. I forget the name, but lots of folks ran into problems with LE because they chose to lawfully open carry.

I didn't research every state on the question of prohibiting municipalities to make their own laws, so it is quite possible there are some states that have uniform firearms laws, but it would be an exception.

I'll research OK again to see if any small towns have more restrictive gun laws than the state, just for interest.


This is as far as I got. I'll do a more extensive search when I get time.

Top line of that link, states there are OVER 20,000 gun laws in America.

I only found the state laws for OK. I'll get more details later.

I would highly recomend for anyone that is interested, to read that top paragraph from the NRA concerning gun laws in the good old U.S.A.


This is what gets folks in trouble.

The Nev. law prohibiting counties from making more restrictive laws was passed AFTER the Clark county ord. to register all concealable guns was passed. In affect "grandfathering" the Clark county law in.

As mentioned earlier. Folks that are traveling a lot with a gun are in for big headaches, the only way to get a handle on it, is to retain a gun savy lawyer.

For locals in ANY area, it is strongly advised to check with local LE to see what is legal or not, regardless of what they may have heard about state laws. If anyone unkowningly breaks the law, it wil drain there resources and greatly alter their life fighting the legal system.

Untitled Document This link explains why our county and city laws are more restrictive than state laws that prohibit those laws.

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3,167 Posts
The way I read it they found an "arsenal" of weapons consisting of two handguns and one rifle. OH my God...what if they raid me? What do you call 173 and counting? Time to build the bunker...
No joke. This has happened several times. The media goes nuts, calling bolt action guns, assault weapons and a few thousand rounds make you a very dangerous person. One in particular in CA a few years ago, made the collector out be a person planning a resurection with bolt action antique rifles. Unbelievable.

Does anyone have info. on OK laws on concealed carry etc.?

FWIW in interstate trucking circles, OK is known as a trucker friendly state. Good roads, good people, good truck stops, and lots of open spaces, and no hassles with the DOT doing illligal searches in truck cabs.

Also is known to have the cheapest fuel. Why is that?

This is the way it used to be in OK ten, twenty years ago. All of our drivers shared those sentiments.

Texas also deserves a honorable mention.
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