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Wasn't really looking for another M91/30. I spot a excellent condition all matching numbers Tula 1939. Priced at $ 149.95 reduced from $176. Then I notice the big sign We won't be under sold. I figure why not try. I saw a Izzy for $99.99 a few table over in good condition mismatch numbers. So I tell the dealer with the Tula I saw a M91/30 a few tables over for $99.95 he asks what is my offer? I say $100 cash, to my surprise he said SOLD plus tax. Gee maybe I should of said $90? Total cost $112.50 I haven't seen a decent Tula around here for over a year.

Haven't had this one apart yet as it is about 120 out in the garage right now.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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