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I'm of the opposite opinion if the politics discussed directly affect our firearms collecting. Laws, campaigns and specific issues all bear on us and I have no trouble with gentlemanly discussion or comments.
If stamp collectors had major campaigns to ban stamps, chances are their forums would talk about it. If rodeo riders were facing rodeo bans, they'd talk. When gun bans are proposed, collectors should be free to voice their thoughts in their forums.
I live (like many of us now do) in a state where politics have taken away our right to own a great deal of collectible firearms.
Pointless ranting against one side or the other does no good here, but giving voice to specific writings, laws or issues is important in my opinion. We don't all have to agree on everything.
The above referenced writings are going to be heard and quoted by a lot of anti-gun politicians and we might wish to be aware of them.

QUOTE=SA1911a1;2957042]Politics don't add value to a collector's forum and causes strife; something we have enough of already.[/QUOTE]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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