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Former Justice Stevens has always hated guns. Clyde is spot on in his assessment.

"Politics don't add value to a collector's forum and causes strife; something we have enough of already. " sa1911a1

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ?!?

This section is for political discussion regarding gun control and our Second Amendment rights. That is EXACTLY what this particular forum is for.
Gun owners of all sorts need to be aware of what the anti Second Amendment crowd is up to need to get involved. No matter what kind of gun owner you are. Collector, target shooter, hunter, or someone who keeps weapons for the reason of the Second Amendment.
If you own firearms you are a enemy of the anti Liberty forces.
Some of us are a bit higher on the list of enemies than others. The typical hunter who owns a shotgun or a collector of antiques(pre cartridge) are not as hated by the hoplophobes as the Defensive Carry owner or the Class 3 enthusiast. But they are still viewed with suspicion by the gun grabbers.

Perhaps sa1911a1 should sell his guns and collect something that is not political like Beanie Babies. Or maybe just ignore this forum and stick to the "collectors" forums.
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