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Kind of a long article, but it is an interesting read.

ALLAHABAD: Rattled by the rising number of loot and murder of businessmen, including loot-***-murder of Chetan Sanwla in Civil Lines, transporter loot case in Koraon, Civil Lines loot, Phaphamau Rs 7 lakh loot and murder of an accountant, Kydganj chemist abduction-***-murder, the trading community in the city finds itself in a fix.

To cap it all, the recent loot and murder of businessman Chetan Sanwla has sent the trading community in a tizzy and it is now in no mood to bear it any more. "Why should we be taken for granted all the time despite the fact that we have repeatedly requested the district police/administration authorities to sanction us arm licences and tighten security,'' said a prominent trader.

However, as the district police and administration did not bother to address their woes, the community approached the director general of police (DGP) directly. A delegation, led by Vijay Arora, general secretary, Prayag Vyapar Mandal, called on DGP Karamveer Singh in the state capital on Tuesday and apprised him of the "situation of lawlessness'' in the city.

Apart from the law and order problem, we have drawn the DGP's attention towards our applications seeking arms licences to safeguard ourselves, Arora told TOI on Wednesday. He claimed that the DGP has assured that arms licences and training to handle the firearms would be imparted to the traders on a priority basis. The top police officer has also assured us that he would take up the issue with the Allahabad DIG/SSP, Arora claimed.

Arora admitted that hardly 300 traders in the city have arms licences and obtaining an arm licence has become the need of the hour as criminals are finding the traders a soft target.

If police statistics is to be believed, a total of 57 crimes, including petty and heinous, were reported against the community in the city in 2009. Unfortunately, the police have till now failed in resolving majority of the cases where traders were attacked and looted in full public view.

"Be it Koraon loot case or Phaphamau loot-***-murder, traders have always been sitting ducks for the criminals. It is only now that we have expressed our concern over the lax attitude of police and district authorities as our applications regarding arms licences are pending for the last several months,'' another local trader told TOI.

Though the city has over 20,000 big- and medium-level traders, the district administration has failed to provide arms licences to even 50 of them, said Arora. We have repeatedly approached the police authorities and handed them the names of prominent traders who should be given arms licences but in vain, he added.

With crime graph showing a steep rise, the traders unions have kept on demanding adequate security cover from police and district administration but both have done nothing to assuage our feeling of insecurity, lamented a prominent businessman settled in Civil Lines.

He added, "we have constantly been asking for adequate patrolling in market areas so that the citizens could also feel protected while shopping but nothing concrete has been done till date.''

Most of the traders demanded that apart from arms licences, they should also be given training to handle the firearms. Traders here feel that once the licences are approved, they could be of great help for the police.

Five years back, the neighbouring Kanpur police had started an exercise and held arms training camps for the traders and industrialists. Trained police staff had imparted special training to industrialists and traders after realising that they (traders) could be a great help in dealing with an adverse situation.

Now, the local traders feel that similar exercises should be taken up in the city without any delay so that a feeling of security is instilled among the traders. A section of the traders feel that as they have arms licences, all they need is proper training to ward off the criminals.


* Do not keep bullets in excess of the permitted quota.

* Loss/theft of weapon/bullets should be immediately reported to the concerned police station and licencing authority.

* After purchasing the weapon, present it for inspection and endorsement by the licencing authority.

* Always keep your weapon properly serviced as well as in safe hands.

* Never put your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to shoot.

* Never accept a weapon from anyone unless the breach is opened and the weapon is unloaded.

* Never point the gun towards anyone.

* Always consider your weapon loaded even if it has been verified otherwise.

* Always keep your firearm out of reach of friends, family members and who are not authorised to use it. Special care should be taken to keep it away form the children.

* Do not store your firearm with bullets in the chamber.

* Do not fire in the air as bullet can rebound with velocity and can hit someone.

* Do not shoot in the air during any ceremony/celebration as it can endanger others safety and can lead to prosecution and cancellation of the arms licence.


* Stay alert.

* Make yourself a "tough target.''

* Walk decisively, stand tall, and make eye contact with people around you.

* Do not think that it cannot happen to you.

* Always be aware of your surroundings.

* If being chased or stalked, call 100 or drive directly to a police station.


* Do not lent your premises without satisfying yourself about the antecedents of the tenant.

* Insist on identification documents before booking a room for the guest.

* Install CCTV cameras and report about suspicious guest to the police.

* Satisfy yourself about the antecedents of both parties, particularly the buyer before finalising the deal and insist on identification documents, photocopies of which should be retained.
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