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The lesson of Germany and Japan from 1939 on is (a) before occupation you need to kill many of the people in the occupied nation, including a LOT of their military - this gets their attention; (b) have somebody they REALLY don't want to occupy them slavering at their border, kept out only by the occupying force. It helps even more if part of the national territory is in fact occupied by some really bad dudes who show every sign of being ready to take over the whole shooting match is given an opportunity.

This leads to active collaboration with the occupying power(s) and adoption of governmental forms acceptable to the said occupying powers.

The mistake we have made in places like Iraq is we failed to beat on them adequately prior to the occupation. Especially in failing to kill large numbers of the military and demanding (and obtaining) unconditional surrender from the existing government PRIOR to the occupation.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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