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I have a 1944/45 Lithgow painted under the woodline with the peculiar chrome green stuff used by the ANZACs. It's real purty, pardner.

"It seems only a small percentage of rifles underwent the proceedure."
I would agree---based on the WW2 SMLEs I have and others I have examined, which show no paint remaining in the tiniest crevices. I don't believe anyone can "unpaint" as completely as all that.

At the Armoury: "C'mon, Peter, it's lunch."
"Wait a tick, I've got to winkle the paint out of this inspection mark."

Funny that the practice wasn't extended to No4 rifles----many of the WW2 rifles were issued with a "browned" finish----"blued" to the North Americans----and would be just as likely to rust as the SMLE.
Oh well.
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