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Green Monster M9130 1943 Izhvesk Ex-Sniper MN

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I acquired this one early fall at the same auction I bought the M38 Carbine. 1943 Izhvesk M9130 ex-sniper rifle. No CH sniper mark on barrel although there are two filled in holes on left side of receiver. Paid $84.00 for this cool green monster and numbers match on barrel bolt mag plate and butt plate. No crossed of numbers no restamps. No one at the auction knew exactly what this gun was. I started the bid at 50 dollars and won with a final bid of 70 dollars add tax and premium and I paid 84 bucks.

Took this down to Arizona for thanksgiving to meet with family at a Navajo orphanage we tide to or help out during the holidays. My brother his daughter and two teen boys wanted to go shooting with us. Before we knew it we had ten kids to include the teenage girls from the orphanage out in the desert with us. We started the kids out with a 22 rifle then we showed them my Dan Wesson 357 mag with an 8 inch barrel then I shot the M9130 a few times to demonstrate to the kids the power of this mean machine. One kid said "I want to shoot the big green gun" My brother said. "That thing is a monster" Thus the nickname "Green Monster" I could not tell how well the groupings were after we shot because there was a 25 mph cross wind we had to deal with. Cheers Mgfrd


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Nice story, and it sounds like very nice memories. "For 84 bucks a nice shooter it sounds like you have there." Oh crap! That green stock has me talking in Yoda sentence structure!
An Izhevsk ex-sniper wouldn't have a "CH" or "Cn' as those marks are only found on Tula snipers. Any scope numbers on the left side of your rifle, maybe lined out?
Sounds like the "Green Monster" sure brought some fun to the kids.
Appreciate the input

I checked the left side of the weapon and cannot find any scope marks numbers etc. There appears to be an import number on the receiver that does not match the rifles other numbers. I can remember a time when the importers would mark a number on the receiver that would match the original SN of the weapon. My niece at first wanted to shoot the Mosin then she felt the concussion and would only shoot it if her dad, my brother would help her hold it. She fired one round and said her shoulder was hurting. Before she fired the weapon I placed a shotgun rubber shoulder stock pad on the end of the weapon so the kids would not get to beat up and the gun still kicked them like a mule. Later on one of the kids asked me why do we all sound like robots when we talk to each other. I explained, even with ear protection the constant bang bang bang of the weapons would leave ringing in their ears for a few hours. Thanks again for the input and have a great day. By the way, anyone out there ever here of the Christian NAOMI House a few miles east of Winslow Az. That is where my family spends time and money to help out these orphaned Navajo kids. Lot more to it all then I care to write about. Just imagine any and all terrible things that can happen to kids so they end up in a safer environment like the NAOMI house. Mgfrd
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You are a good person my friend..Enjoy your unique rifle..
Now you have something to take to the range on St. Patrick's day.
Great St Patties Day comment

I love all the input from you folks. I have to confess the St Patrick days suggestion is right on. thanks again. Mike / Mgfrd1959
I have a Remington M91 purchased at an auction that had an almost identical "Green Monster" paint job. Paint stripper did wonders on it!
Green Stock

Whomever did the green job on this stock did a real nice restoration. This green stock is professionally done in my opinion. I think I will keep it this way. Mike / Mgfrd
Faith and Begorra!
That's me own authentic Green Irish Bangstick, the one I use to hide among the shamrocks and stalk leprechauns and banshees....
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