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Greatest battle implement ever devised

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I quote Patton on the topic of the M1 garand.

I am looking at my tax return and wondering if I should finally realize what I have been wanting since I was a kid to buy my very own garand. Would be looking for a shooter not a pristine collector piece. I dont have much extra money and probably shouldn't spend it but was wondering if folks have recommendations on where to find one at a reasonable price? Gun shows? Or is CMP the best bet? I have heard CMP takes months-years to get one and Im not sure how I go about qualifying.

I appreciate your insights
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Go to the CMP website ( You will find the qualifications listed there. Once you get qualified, an order usually doesn't take all that long to receive (a couple of weeks?).

I live only about 25 minutes from the North Store, so I have never needed to actually order one through the mail.

If you have your qualifications in order (and you live close enough) , you can go to the store, pick one out, and leave with it all in the same day. Their stores are at Camp Perry, Ohio, and Anniston, Alabama.
Heres a question for you. If I were to get my paper work in order and make a vacation out of coming out to the Camp Perry store do you think I could purchase one as an out of state resident or would that create any additional problems? Have been meaning to make another trip out to the Air Force museum at Wright-Patterson anyways... I do have a C&R... I should be able to just pick one up I think...
I was there when an out-of-state resident was loading about eight REAL NICE ONES into his car (you CAN buy more than one, unless they changed the rules recently). Out-of-state sales isn't a problem for them.

The North Store is on a National Guard base, and on occasion I have had my vehicle inspected by polite, uniformed MP's when I went on the base. You do NOT want to have a firearm with you when you enter the base. Obviously, they are OK with it if you leave with one (or more), though.

If you plan your trip for August, you can also visit the National Matches. Visiting Commercial Row while you were there (which is only a few hundred yards from the CMP store) could be an added plus for you.
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