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Greatest battle implement ever devised

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I quote Patton on the topic of the M1 garand.

I am looking at my tax return and wondering if I should finally realize what I have been wanting since I was a kid to buy my very own garand. Would be looking for a shooter not a pristine collector piece. I dont have much extra money and probably shouldn't spend it but was wondering if folks have recommendations on where to find one at a reasonable price? Gun shows? Or is CMP the best bet? I have heard CMP takes months-years to get one and Im not sure how I go about qualifying.

I appreciate your insights
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Out of state is no problem. In fact being from out of state can save you some money. I purchased an M-1 at the south store a couple of years ago. They urged me to let them ship it to me rather than take it with me. If they shipped it out of state, they did not have to collect sales tax, which was more than the $20 shipping. We arranged a shipping date and the rifle came in the day after I arrived home. Excellent customer service!
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