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Large Numbers of Gras rifles and other "BP" type rifles were sold into the Red Sea area and Ethiopia from the late 1800s onwards. Many were used by the various ( Ras==Tribal Lords) in the Italo-Abyssinian War ( late 35-early 36) I have photos of stacks of these Long, single shots in captured Abyssinian positions in a contemporary book ( Graziani's "Fronte Sud" --the advance to Addis Abeba from Mogadishu (Somalia), to join up with Badoglio's Push from Eritrea south to Addis.)

To be Officially Abbyssinian, there should be some Amharic letters stamped into the barrel past the rear sights; or Arabic writing on the Receiver ring area.
Profusion of pressed-in primer cups, upholstry tacks, and simple Nail points in the wood, are all typical signs of Ethiopian tribal Use ( same thing found on Werndls from Ethiopia.)

Some of these rifles are still floating around the more remote areas of the Horn of Africa, using home loaded ammo; places where the omnipresent AK has either not reached, or is too expensive in capital outlay or ammo supply to contempate a change to modernity... for a herdsman, a heavy lead slug is usually ewnough to send a four-footed predator, or a two-legged rustler packing, if the bullet comes even near hitting it.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.
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