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gp 11 at long distances

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How does the gp11 do at 800 to 1000 yards? I was thinking of getting into the local long range league and using my swiss rifles? ( I guess they would have to be accurized or tweaked perhaps).

Thanks for your input.
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The Swiss GP11 is considered match ammunition and I have had very good results with it out to 400 yards. I would imagine it would be effective at longer ranges as well.
If you look on Youttube you'll see a shooter using his iron sighted K31 at 880 yards or so against steel plates, but in order to do bullseye long range shooting you'll need eiither glass or suitable diopter sights. The GP11 bullet is a very fine performer, and with a well-deserved reputation for 'Swiss precision' assembly, the words 'match quality' are not over-used. I have never found ANY commercial ammunition made the way that GP11 is made. Full stop.

If you hoin us on you'll find a weatlth of accurizing tips for the K31, all of them, it has to be said, pretty minor - the thing shoots like a high-power top of the range open-sighted target rifle anyhow. Many shooters can pour in 3/4 -1" groups all day long at 100y/m - and carry on the group size proportionally all the way up to 600y/m without, it seems, very much effort.

Truth to tell, there isn't much to do to a K31 in good condition [like most of them seem t obe] - it already has a better trigger than many production guns - one that is far superior to ANY other standard-issue military arm ever made.

K31-actioned target rifle
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I'm just curious, as surely we have a number of actual Swedish K31 shooters on this board, what is really expected of an "as issued" K31 and GP11 at 300 meters, shot count and group size wise.

I'm sure you meant "Swiss K31 shooters" but that typo brings up an interesting conjecture. How does the K31 with GP11 compare at range with the Swedish M96 and M38 shooting issue M41 "Torpedo"?
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