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I have a friend that I do a fair amount of gun trading with who offered me a Century Golani. He's been trying to get me into an AK for a while now but I simply don't want the added expense of a new caliber/magazines etc.

When he offered me the Golani I was excited. It looks bad a$$ sexy in a very functional kind of way. I already have ammo and reloading components in .223 so magazines were the only thing I needed to buy.

We made a tentative trade and I brought the Golani home and proceeded to run some ammo through it-he had only put a couple of rounds through it because of illness and his work schedule.

Fifty rounds later the Century curse reared it's ugly head. This is a low serial numbered rifle with all the problems associated with them. The carrier beats up the receiver and the bullet noses hit the breechface.

I loved shooting this rifle so much but now I'm afraid to. It will go back home to my friend so he can try to work something out with it. I feel so very disappointed, I finally found an AK variant that made my heart beat fast and it turns out to be poorly made. Oh well, at least I'll always have the PSL.

Thanks for letting me cry, complain, and get that off my chest.
Why not ship it back and get it fixed?
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