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Guys, I got an unexpected bonus on my paycheck and went back and picked up the 1912 Enfield.

The butt socket is marked

Crown over "GR"
Sht LE

The bolt/nosecap match the receiver and the mag isn't numbered.

Cutoff/volley sights are present and the bore is what I'd call excellent for its age.

I made a mistake in the description of the stock disc. It's a normal quarter sized disc marked:


Bluing is what I'd say is close to 95% or more.

The stock is very, very nice for its age with only minor scraps and dings. The old bore pull through is still present in the stock.

How'd I'd do for $200? I'd post pictures but I'm not home, and will not be for another week or two due to work. Great finds out on the road rule!!!:D

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An intact MkIII for $200 is a steal! Assuming all is original and correct, you did very very well indeed. The stock disk is a repro, but blank originals aren't very hard to come by at all.

The magazine was not numbered in most cases, so that's how it should be.

Looking forward to some pictures.

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Great score, now do the pictures!
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