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Got my mauser! Question about saftey

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Got my K98 yesterday and put 10 rounds througt it. It shot good, but I can't get the saftey to turn. My Dad had sayd that the saftey rides in a groove and can sometimes slip out. He also said the you can very carefully file the botten down a small (and I mean small) bit. Any one else have this happen and how did you fix it?
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The other commonly seen possibility here is that you are trying to apply the safety with the gun uncocked. The wing safeties on Mausers only work with the rifle cocked.

I am sorry if this sounds a little basic, but others have posted this same problem here and did not know this.

Krag-Jorgensen wing-type safeties CAN be applied with the striker down, but those is the only rifles with wing safeties that I know of that can do this.
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