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Got my mauser! Question about saftey

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Got my K98 yesterday and put 10 rounds througt it. It shot good, but I can't get the saftey to turn. My Dad had sayd that the saftey rides in a groove and can sometimes slip out. He also said the you can very carefully file the botten down a small (and I mean small) bit. Any one else have this happen and how did you fix it?
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Last question depends on what you consider reasonably accurate. If you got a group with your 10 rounds, as opposed to a "splash", a REALLY basic rule of thumb would be to double the group size per 100 yards. A 3 in. group at 100 will be 6 in. at 200 etc. (more or less). Almost everybody here is a shooter who can hit a man sized target at 600 yds on any given day with any given rifle. I would say you should be able to scare the *** out of anything you shoot at at 200.
If the rifle itself groups well, after you shoot it a couple thousand times (with good practice habits) you'll be a 600 yd shooter too. Not trying to be flip or funny, but nothing makes a rifle shoot better than practicing with it.
If it "patterns" instead of groups, for at least 3 different shooters, then there are a dozen potential problems from muzzle crown to ammo. Don't let me get you too far off the point though, one thing at a time.
What kind of group did you get?
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If you're a reloader, you probably know better than I that primers backing out isn't good. If you're not sure what's up with that, there's a reloading forum down the page.
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