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Got a m38 from my friend ,i gave him 90.00 bucks for it without even realy checking it out .I have had so many mosins before I went the Ak building rout I didnt get excited. . Its sat here wrapped up in a towel and rubberbands . I finaly looked at it . Its awsome ! maybe not you guys cup of tea ,but his thing is so original and so expediant its a joy to behold ! .Its 1943 dated .All stamped matching ,Bore is brand new ! no counterbore and sharp as a knife .One of the strongest russian bores I have seen . It has its original stock .it has a couple flat spots where it should be rounded where you can see a knot is there .It has a front press in escutcheon but none on the back and cant see markings of there ever being one .The barrel has machine markings spiraling from end to end . the receiver looks so rough ,its surface looks like bark on a log ..LOL . The ball on the end of the bolthandle is off center and is shaped like an egg instead of round with machining marks and gaps . I love it ! To me this is the best russian mosin i have seen in a long time . This had to have been from the height of the war ,and for it to have sayed so original and its condition so excellent ,is just cool to me.

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None of your business.
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No refurb stamp ,And of course the woods been gone over with shelac. Was imported with the refurbs .other than the shelac .all looks original .
Imported? Gone over?

Pictures would be welcome :)
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