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I am writing from memory with no underlever Husqvarna in hand, so, might be a few things I do not remember correctly.

1) Remove the side plates. Two screws that go from left side plate to right. They are different lengths -- note which is front screw and which is back screw. Tap side plates out.
Note: These two screws have sloping tops, to conform with the slope of the side plates when tightened.

2) Remove trigger guard. One or two screws to remove and then the trigger guard itself "screws" out.

3) Remove two (or maybe three) screws that go from bottom tang to top tang. One screw is under the trigger guard and goes up to the back end of the upper tang. This is the easy screw to remove. The other screw goes from the top tang to the bottom. This much larger screw is usually much more difficult to remove - may take considerable effort. Take care with proper sized large screwdriver and all the tricks you know about getting rusted-in screws out.

4) Verify that there seem to be no other screws holding the stock in place between the tangs.

5) Once both tang screws are out, the stock should come loose, but, maybe with a few gentle taps to loosen it. I don't remember if the lower tang is attached to the lockbox with a screw, which may need to be removed too.

Hope this does the job. There should not be any spring-loaded parts to go flying across the room. There might be some loose screws on the lockplates - these can be tightened once the lockplates are removed.

When replacing the lock plates, assure that the triggers are in fully "forward" position, so that the do not interfer with the sear levers (which they push upwards to release the sears).

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