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You know, I reckon this dying caper should be outlawed.
It's bad enough to get to see lifelong friends and family without the buggers using a funeral as a get together.
One of my old army mates was laid to rest today, pancreatic cancer. This particular mate was responsible for me meeting my wife, he was also an important member of the Unit shooting team I ran back in the '80's, we laid claim to every team trophy on the Eastern Seaboard for a couple of years.
Things don't seem to get any easier as you grow old, weddings and christenings give way to funerals and I find myself dwelling more on memories than the present.
SGT. Barry James Cox, 1945-2014. I first met Barry when he was working at 2 Base Ordnance Depot at Singleton Army Camp, worked with him in an Armoured Reconnaisance Unit for many years.
Followed his career when he retired in 2001 as he moved to Canberra to take on a Cadet Training role.
Never far from the service, Barry devoted his entire adult life giving to his country, the training and knowledge this man imparted between 1963 and 2013 has started many service personnel on the correct path, his support and training of both Recruits and Cadets will be sorely missed.
If he was here I'd kick his butt for dying.
Vale Bazza.
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