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The week started out with a friend of mine wanting to sell his last post WW1 Mosin Nagant so he could concentrate on WW 1 stuff. He said he had a M-27 and offered it to me for a good price. When I went to pick it up, it was a Tikka M-28 in a 27 stock. Needless to say, I'm tickled with it.

I have had both a M-27 in a 28 stock and a M-28 in a 27 stock but I let them both slip away 10 or 12 years ago. Back then, I had the thought that I'd find more like them in a week or two. It just took more than a decade find one of them again.

One neat feature on the 28 is the Czarist eagle has a chisel mark through it. The receiver is a 1916 dated Izhevsk.

Later in the week, I was in deep south Georgia for work, I stopped by a hunting supply/gun store. I wasn't expecting much but as i walked in, on the back rack, I spied a couple 91/30's. The stocks were Finn potbelly stocks so I knew I'd be interested in them. It turns out they were on consignment from the family of the owner who had passed away. They were 1944 dated, low wall, round receivered Tikka 91/30's still sticky with cosomoline with stacked front sights and with the original shipping boxes. The are totally unmessed with since they left Century Arms except to wipe enough cosomoline off to put on the rack. The serial numbers are less than 500 apart. And the price was close to current refurb prices.

A couple of notes, the finish on the 28 is 90%+ except for the front sight. I like the contrast of the no finish front site with the blued barrel.

One of the 91/30 has a major knot hole repair right at the wrist. Glad somebody didn't have to buttstroke a Russki with this rifle. I bet it would have broken.


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