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I picked up this Gew 98 SS rework on Gunbroker that I'm sure several have seen, which looked pretty rough in the stock and the metal was down to the white in some spots. I figured what the heck if it's that bad I can restore it, the gentleman that sold it to me also went down on the price some and included shipping, so there was my incentive.

I received the rifle yesterday, and it's not all that bad, yes the stock is really dark and has seen it's fair share of use, but it's not that bad and there's not huge dings and scratches on it. He had said the barrel wasn't any good, well it may be lightly frosted with some shine, but there are lands evident which aren't really strong, but evident enough and not typically of a totally shot out barrel, the rifling is good too.

At any rate, the barrel and receiver match, there is no arsenal code evident just what you see in the photos. The trigger parts match the barreled action. The bolt matches onto itself except for the cocking piece, the upper and lower barrel bands are mis-matched, the trigger guard and floor plate and follower match in two areas.

All in all not bad at all, I plan on leaving it a lone, seeing about a bolt for it as a friend say several have been seen with S/42 bolts and then I'll keep my eye out for the proper stock and leave it at that.

I also picked up the 1933 Banner "DR" Mauser ..... Nice! :)


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