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I think you Gents have just seen a typically priced period Gew 98 sling. All things considered, the price is pretty much where I would have expected it to. I sold several slings over the years and as long as 10 years ago I sold two example like this in good condition for $225 each. Prices have been steadily rising over the past ten years. I would by no means expect that this price was out of line.

For this reason, I don't collect them either. I have several examples that were acquired along with a rifles and the examples I sold were picked up for very low prices at a Belgian militaria show when I was working for a company whose headquarters are in Brussels. I resold them at home to help fund another purchase.

Warmest regards,

I have to agree with John, prices on slings - original slings - will continue to rise. It used to be that owners would throw them out, they were so common and, due to age, made the nice rifle in their collection look ratty so they didn't want them. Besides, it was useless since it was obviously no good and they couldn't use the sling to carry the rifle. Things are different now, collectors want original slings to go on their rifles and they are no longer common, quite the opposite. Frankly, I wouldn't pay that price but it is obvious that there are people that will. Prices on everything are going up. Gew98s used to sell for as little as $75 and correct bayonets for them sold for $25 or less........
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