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Hey Matz,
With that limited information, about all I can tell you is that the rifle in question was made in the Bavarian factory in 1917, it is the standard long rifle that was issued to German troops. It should have a wooden stock that goes to about 5 inches of the end of the rifle,with a bayonet lug at the end of the stock, it should have a 29 inch barrel and a streight bolt, the rear sight should be curved affair, if it is flat, then it was converted after WWI. There were many of these rifles that were sporterized for cheap hunting rifles in the 50s and 60s, they were a good hunting rifle, but are now not of much historical value, as the barrels were shortened, the bolts were bent and the stocks were cut.
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Gus is entirely correct.

Value depends on so many factors.

Is it in original configuration? Are the serial numbers matching? Is it without rust and pitting? Has it got the original finish intact or partially intact? Is the bore good?

If the answers to the questions above are "yes", then we are talking about a rifle with some value, potentially quite a lot of value.

Has it been reblued? Has the barrel been cut or replaced? Has the stock been cut and sporterized or sanded and refinished? Are the parts mismatched? Has it got Turkish property marks or US import marks? Has the bolt been turned down? Is there rust and pitting?

If the answer to those questions are "yes", then that will significantly hurt the value of the rifle.

Without knowing more about these factors it is impossible to say anything more than Gus has done about the value. If you could post pictures or give a more detailed description then I'm sure the members will help you estimate the value.

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Can someone point me in the right direction for some info on a Gew 98 Amberg 1917? Thanks, Matz.
Yes, for historical information, see: "M98 Rifle and Carbine", subtitled "M98 Firearms of the German Army from 1898 to 1918", by Dr. Dieter Storz, Verlag Militaria, Vienna, 2006. (Also available in German). See pages 165 -173 for a unique write-up on Amberg. References to Amberg however abound throughout the entire 470 page book. I believe it is available in North America through Mowbrary Publications in Rhode Island.

For price information, you might want to think about posting 8-12 detailed close-up photographs to get a realistic response.
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