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...I posted this on the 'K98 MAUSER FORUM' as well in search of answers, comments, and suggestions.
Gentlemen...I would greatly appreciate your help...!

I recently purchased two separate sets of what were described as 'MAUSER 98' German Claw Mounts via
an established web auction site.

My problem is neither set is a functional fit, curvature and length (even with excessive machining) on
my 1916 SPANDAU GEW 98 that I wish to mount an original WWI vintage R.Fuess 3X SCOPE for the
CMP Sniper Match competitions. Also, neither of the claw mount pairs fit my 1937, 1941, 1943, or
1944 MAUSER k98's.

I researched the sellers 'description' photos in Ball's and Olson's texts, discovering both sets were
shown resting on a Brazilian Model 1908 7 mm short rifle in the auction photographs.

The Brazilian Model 1908 7 mm short rifle top rear receiver shown in the listing description and photographs
does not match any MAUSER 98 receivers in my collection, and therefore not correct as sold at auction;
paid for with USPS Money Orders and shipped via USPS.

My question for the 'forum pros' I correct these are two different top rear receiver configurations? The
claw mounts were sold with 'No Refunds'...and if they had in fact fit MAUSER 98 actions, I would not be asking
these questions.

At your convenience, Gentlemen...please share any comments, opinions, and suggestions that may help
resolve this 'costly' German scope claw mount 'auction' adventure.
All the best,

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I'm way over my head in all this, but could it be that the rear bridge of the rifle on which they were mounted had been modified to fit them? I'd be surprised if the Brazilian 1908 model itself was somehow unique. I have both '08 and 08/34 CZ models and believe they are within the norms.
Just an 'outside the box' take!

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Personally I have to agree with iskra, I am not aware that the receivers of the Brazilian 08 rifles were machined any differently than those of any other Mauser 98 pattern rifle. How much variation are you finding?

That being said, I am no expert on "sniper rifles", others can can give you better answers and I am sure they will. I do however think you are stuck since you bought an item sold with the "No Refund" statement.
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