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I was shown a Browning 1922 made for the Germans (WAa 140 ?)

The grips are bakelite (?) and bear the FN logo, as well as the magazine that went with the pistol.
The SN on the frame is 77XX C
The SN on the slide is 177XX C
The SN on the bushing is 77XX C

Question 1 = From the SN when was this pistol made ? (I suspect early in the war)

Question 2 = What is the meaning of the (H) that is struck on the left side of the frame near Fabrique .... and the "German birds".

Question 3 = What could be the value of grips and magazine ?


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The FN M1922 you have is a later occupation production one, the WaA140 Waffenamt was the last of 3 used at the FN factory. It was in use from 1941 until the Germans evacuated the FN in 1944. In early 1944 the Germans started using the simplified serial number marking with the complete number on the slide and the shortened number on the frame and barrel as you state above. They used a, b, c as suffixes to indicate blocks of 100,000.

The (H) marking hasn't been fully documented but some collectors claim that it means that those M1922's stamped with it were issued to the German Army (Heer). That's never be proven and it could be an inspectors mark.

Most of the later made occupation M1922's had checkered wood grips installed but the Bakelite could be earlier grips that were found on hand and put on an earlier pistol. The FN logo magazine sounds like an earlier production item too.

This link may help answer some of your questions on the FN 1922.
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