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Hello Folks -

Anyone recognize this one. It's a combo Fighting Knife / Bayonet. Fully fixable on a Gew. 98 or K98. Blade slightly over 7.5"s. I don't believe it is plated, just highly polished with a sharpened edge. No maker marks. Grips seem to be hardened plastic.


- Mike

Oh, by the way..., anyone recognize the 'tank' or 'self propelled gun?' Made of a strange cellulose/plaster like material.


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seems like the typical "Parade Bayonet" or "Dress Bayonet" some had longer blades ( like mine ) some had shorter blades, some had the grooves in the blade. seems like a few variations and many different makers. but i do believe it is German, WW2, i just dont see any makers stamp on the blade ??
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