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German dog tag, infanterie nachrict ersatz kompagnie 58.

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Here is a German dogtag. I'm pretty sure it is a WWI one (correct me if I'm wrong).

It is numbered 211 0 and marked JNF. NACHR. ERS. KP. 58.

Any info on this unit is appreciated. Is there any way to identify the individual soldier from this info? The initials HKH are carved on the reverse.
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Hey Bayonet collector, I am unsure of the vintage of this tag, but it is not a personal ID dics, even though it is the correct size and type, I agree with the Belgian that it should be zinc, and it should have the soldier's name and home town, this is (in my opinion) an Identifacation disc for some sort of equipment rather than a person.
Best wishes
Hey Big Commander,
I think you may have a reasonable suggestion, that would explain why there is the two part ID, an equiment tag would not need that.
Hey scotty1418,
You are right, I did not know that the Germans did nt have the soldier's name and Heimat on the WWII ID discs.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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