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My grandfather recently passed away and I inherited this bayonet from his estate after staring at it in the gun case my whole life. From my cursory searches I've found that it may be/is a German Police Bayonet. It fits my K98K bayonet lug and locks when affixed. Someone attempted to sharpen it at some point and left a few grinder or file marks in the blade, but the damage isn't too bad. The areas that had been sharpened had slight rust on them which I wiped away with some CLP. I also oiled the locking mechanism as it was slightly rusting. Otherwise I've done nothing to it.

My questions are:
What do the codes mean. The same code is on the scabbard and bayonet. Unit markings? If so, can anyone identify them?

All of the ones I've seen online have some sort of emblem on the handles. This one doesn't, and has no holes in the stag horn where one would have been. Is it possible this one never had one?

I assume any further cleaning/polishing is a no-no, correct?

Any idea of it's value? More out of curiosity than a desire to sell it.

Any help you fine gents can offer would be greatly appreciated. I've lusted for this bayonet my whole life, swearing that not only would it be mine one day, but that I'd find the gun it belongs on. I'd ask questions about it and no one in my family even knew where it came from, much less what it was. This made it even more of a mission for me to figure out what it was exactly!



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The S.D. unit mark stands for "Schutzpolizei Dusseldorf" the municipal police force of Dusseldorf.
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