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I don't EVER ask this type of question, but what is the going price for genuine Soviet era Mak holsters, complete with the rod?

I was given 3 Soviet Mak holsters from a lady I met on a train from Moscow to Novosibirsk. She was Transport Military, and she sent me her Ushanka, camo hat, many badges, epaulettes, "Sam Browne" belt, water flask, and 6 wrist compasses.

One holster is well used - obviously her day-to-day one (the tool has the circular clip through the jag hole that seems common for Russian troops to do). The other two are as new, but ALL bear her initials and a unit motto penned into the inner flap.

Any idea on the value of the two unissued ones? I do not wish to keep those, as I have no use for them (as well as 5 of the compasses)

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