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Rarely ever was Don so deep... a real good post, which you might wish to add as a reply to the "locked" sticky ("Forum Rules and Intent"), where it rightfully belongs. (Carcano)

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Posted - 05/23/2007 : 02:28:57 AM

The only thing I'd disagree with you about is on expressing your opinion as it pertains to whatever element or aspect we're discussing. I know you have an extensive collection and I want to hear what your observations are.... and why. The ~why~ part is the hardest to justify without hard facts or proof. Speculating and/or thinking facts up are two different things. Speculating is fine. Sometimes we need to do that but we also need to acknowledge that it is speculating and not an opinion based on fluff (my new favorite word meaning zero/nothing/no calories).

Dana Jones cast his net across Sweden and gathered up what he did, with alot of help in Sweden. There are still some very interesting areas of research that we've only begun to scratch the surface here in this forum. This is the part the two moderators are enjoying the most, blazing new trails and hoping the forum users join in the discussion.

I visit other forums to include all the way over to Arfcom. There's actually a curio/relic forum at Arfcom but it sucks canal water. Rifle choppers, newbie crufflers, know-nothings, etc. I visited there this week and made a couple contributions about 1903 Springfields as that's another one of my areas of interest.

There are quite a few other forums on gunboards that are most excellent and well focused. The Japanese forum is outstanding. I visit there regularly. John Sheehan's WW1 militaria forum is most excellent. The Mauser forum is a great resource for all Mausers but there is a lot of transient traffic, as there is in this forum to a lessor degree. The Lee-Enfield forum is another outstanding forum. The K98k forum is great. I visit all these forums here at gunboards to see how they function and how the moderators work to keep things focused. Some do, some don't.

The areas I'd much prefer to keep out of this forum might confuse some because they may seem silly to prohibit. Handloading is a technical endeavor that requires parameters of safety and common sense. I don't like to see suggestions to use ammunition that's not intended for the firearm. Like .32 S&W Long in the 1887 Nagant. I know everybody does it but that doesn't mean we should condone it as safe practice. I believe if we condone it we break the thin layer of trust between those who are experienced and those who are not. We cannot allow erroneous information to be put out as acceptable. The other is using 8x56 Austrian in the 8x58RD rolling block. I am very prudent about handloading for the rolling blocks. I worry about abuse so when it comes to handloading notes I watch them closely and will delete those I feel are unsafe or unsound. That make *irk* some people but I prefer to err on the side of caution. I will always listen and respond to private email if someone wants to discuss this issue. There are a lot of handloaders who push their luck with small ring 100 year old Swedish Mausers. This is why I made the "locking lock" note a sticky. People need to see it can happen, that it does happen. Call me a nervous ninny if you want but there will be no unsafe handloading data given in this forum. I have multiple handloading books and 39 yrs of experience and will check everything that's posted. If I don't see reference to load data in a note it goes bye bye. I don't mind handloading notes or notes about hunting. The sporter topics and other areas of non-originality are prohibited and will result in you being sent to the Boy's Vice Principal for a swat (remember those?).

I'm the biggest student in this forum. Always have been. I marvel at what comes out of some of you from hands-on observations of rifles in your collections, and some of you have some very impressive collections. Mine has dwindled much in the last 3 yrs since I had a heart attack and bypass surgery. I sold off over $4,000 worth of the cream of my collection to buy a new lathe figuring I'd get more use from the lathe than the primo collectables. But my various m/96 rifles are still with me and I still love them as if they were living matter instead of wood and steel.

One of these days, one of you is going to take over this forum. I'm 55 and Swede is past me yet. I've been doing this at least 7 years now. Sometimes I get tired of the BS and how-much-is-my-rifle-worth.

And while we're at it, leave us not forget the founder of this forum, and the forum before Anders. I know exactly how much he's contributed to getting information out of Sweden to the rest of us. Very seldom will you have one individual who contributes as much as Anders has. Not only is he a good friend, but to me he represents the atypical Swedish citizen soldier.

I guess we need to discuss these things regularly so the newbies and transients know the ~why~ of this forum. One time on [another forum] there was a Swede m/38 painted with speckly paint on the stock. That's why we're over here doing what we do.
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