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I suggest you also take a look at the notched (for lack of a better term) 'bar' that runs across the receiver at the rear of the bolt (the thing that makes the bolt a bit 'fun' to get into the receiver) and the opposing front surface on the 'tail' of the firing pin.

With the rifle disassembled, slowly rotate the bolt closed and check to see if the forward movement of the firing pin is blocked by the bar across the receiver right up until the bolt is in battery.

Those two components are intended to interfere with each other until the bolt goes completely into battery, keeping the firing pin from being able to reach the primer. If either (or both) part(s) is(are) enough out-of-spec, the desired interference may not be there.

I don't believe the problem is likely caused by a stuck firing pin because the 'bar' should forcibly retract the firing pin before the bolt closes.
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