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G.33/40 Sighting

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dot 1941 on an internet auction site. Notice the KAR 98a bolt and the lack of it in his description!!!!
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There was one at the gunshow this weekend, think that the owner was on Crack or he thought that there was a Millionaire there that needed one to finish his collection....
There was one at last weekend's show also. I talked to the guy about it and looked it over carefully. It was in a 33/40 stock but when I looked at it carefully with the jewelers loupe you could see faint VZ-24 markings. I brought it to the guy's attention and he said that he had bought it from an old guy that had owned it for years. Must have been faked up years ago then...
Yea Tim that was it. Watch out for that guy and the old guy with all the Mausers that had the rare M-39 Finn sniper made in the '50's awhile back. He had a rare VZ-23 that was a gunsmith special. It looked pretty good till you got it out in the daylight. Then you could see where it had been cut down and re-blued.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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