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Just so you guys know I have been doing some long needed updates in the m/39 section and the Sniper section in regard to text updates and mostly right now- pictures. I have redone or updated a bunch of m/39 pictures and have been working pretty heavy in the sniper section with new headers and titles as well as new larger pictures taken with modern equipment! Ye ha! So you will see some new larger pictures in Hi res mixed in as I move through replaceing them. The m/39 will be a bit behind as some of my stuff is packed up right now and will not be accessible to me until after the holidays. So that is going slowly but there are at least 20 new pictures in the sniper section and updated ones on top of that.
So over the next couple of weeks up till Christmas the section will be completely revised in regard to pictures-the sniper section almost completely redone and then I'll freshen and update text. So check in here and there and see whats new at the parent site of
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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