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This older post of the most esteemable NebrHogger (who has filled the Second Board with many very good and instructive contributive, of which I have tried to save many) is quite instructive for the newbie. It shows how with even limited information, one can say quite a lot about a rifle. I am first reposting his query, and will then be following up with a reply of my own.

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Posted - 01/29/2005 : 4:55:53 PM
At a gunshow this morning for a whopping 65 bucks, I got an M38 Carcano in 7.35 - It has an exceptionally nice bore and shows little wear. The stock is numbered CB30XX, but there is no serial # on the receiver. I took it clear down to clean the dried cosmoline off with alcohol & found nothing that could vaguely pass as a serial #. It's a XVIII (1939?) RE Terni. I slugged the bore & it's .299

Another odd feature: Just ahead of the rear sling swivel is stamped into the wood a small Nazi eagle with swastika in a circle. No WaA number. The stamp measures roughly .4 X .25 inch. It's very discrete, and the seller didn't mention it during the transaction. I overlooked it until I was going over every metal piece with alcohol to remove any small bits of cosmo that might remain.

The rifle is NOT importer marked. Nor do I believe the piece has been refurbed as all markings & edges are crisp & sharp. Except for a few stock dings, I'm calling it VG ++ condition.

Learned Carcano collectors, is the stamp a phony? What's up with the lack of a serial #? SW

Posted - 01/29/2005 : 5:52:47 PM
Production of the 7.35 stopped around mid 1940. Don't know what happened with ser.# but it would be on the barrel instead of the reciever.
These are great shooting rifles, mine likes the .300 dia 123gr hornady bullet with 38grs IMR 4895

Posted - 01/29/2005 : 6:39:01 PM
Thank you!! I was still all revved up from the gun show or I would have stipulated the number was missing on the barrel instead of the receiver. The stamp is indeed on the bottom of the stock - I had not heard of the Nazis siezing rifles from the Italians before. I heard mention that in Africa, the Germans made off with all the Italian trucks they could 'jack, though. Does Mr Hobbs offer an opinion what was done with these seized rifles?

The Italian rifles sell for about that in this part of the country. I have a nice 91/24TS in the same condition I got for 50 & a M38 cav carbine that was priced @ 40. I was offered a Dutch Beaumont for 50 bucks today, but the stock had been cut down & the barrel was rougher than I prefer. In western Nebr & Wyo, the milsurps just don't sell for that much.

Also thank you for the load information! I have some 150 grain .299 custom bullets & will load some up shortly. Best regards! SW
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