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Fs: T-14, 66457, 14.9 excellent + condition, $250, also .....

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Marui "arsenal." "BB AIR SPORT GUN, 1/1SCALE HIGH PERFORMANCE," New in box, with box of "BB Bullets." Just the thing to shoot the cat indoors, or the wife when she bends over. I accidently ran across this when I was looking for where I hid my S&W Bodyguard. Doss White,, P.O. Box 6, Eva, AL 35621

unmarked BOX OF 30 7.7 CATRIDGES, IMPORTED FROM cHINA IN THE MID 1980S. Box is "intact" but the tape holding it together has "given up the gun." The rounds have a pink primer and a pink band around the case mouth, these are stored in a zip lock bag. $55 shipped.

Five 99 rounds, green tip bullet, under green is a white band. Can't read head stamp except for a 45. Possible explosive? $30 (how would you ship these?)

Bolt head for a 30 or 35, repro. Missing ext. or adj. $125

See address above.
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