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First "I'll take it" posted in the forum will get it, no PMs. You can PM me afterwards as a follow up. That way the timestamp is visible to all. Payment is USPS MO, and C&R will be fine on items that qualify.

Rifle 1 - 34th series Toyo Kogyo Type 99

Another very nice rifle, but not as minty as the previous example. Also has a ground mum. Bluing is a little thin in some areas, though I've seen that on a few other TK rifles I've owned. Some screws are no longer staked, but the trigger housing ones are. Stock is in nice shape, with correct proofs, but there is some damage to the edge of the wooden butt plate. Bolt is matching. No stacking rod, but it's correct without it. Likely another rifle that was still in Japan at the end of the war.


IMG_4070.jpg IMG_4068.jpg IMG_4065.JPG IMG_4064.JPG IMG_4063.JPG IMG_4058.jpg IMG_4060.JPG IMG_4057.JPG


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