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Removing Front sight.

Take some fine sandpaper and sand on the right side of the front sight inline with the top of the barrel and you will find a faint outline of a pin. Lay the left side of the sight on a peice of iron with a 1/4" hole in it and take a flat punch - less than 1/8" dia. - place it on the outline of the pin and hit hard. The pin is tapered and will knock out easily after you first m ove it. Now put the sight in a padded vise and pull on the rifle while twisting and the sight will come off. To put it back on reverse what was just said. If you can find a peice of soft metal the correct size cut off about 1 1/2" put in a drill or lather and file a slight taper on it. Use this new pin to drive in from the left side. Saw excess off leaving enough to brad on both sides. Now file the sides smooth, put on some cold blue and if you are carefull it will be very hard to tell you have changed the sight. riceone.

Pinned on front bayonet bands come off the same way only are much harder.

This should be a sticky.
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