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front sight elevation adjustment

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Hey All,
Is it possible to adjust the front sight for elevation? Is the sight pin threaded?
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From previous thread:

"I originally thought that I'd have to "raise" the front sight pin to correct high deflection on my 91/30. The choice was either replacing the original pin with a longer substitute--Bubba's finishing nail--or temporarily putting a plastic heat shrink tube and trim to suit. After I loosened the action screws a little bit, I didn't have to use the electrician's shrink tube as it came in accurate."

You might search for more possible causes before making permanent alterations.
heat shrink tube isnt permanent...

My point was that there may be other issues to investigate.

In my case, I was ready to alter the sights, but all that was required was adjusting the tension of my action's screws after reading LAPIN’S translation of the Soviet's manual for the Mosin.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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