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First two empty envelopes. These are interesting despite the fact that the letters are gone, because they show when he was captured. They are from his wife to him, and stamped "zurück" which in this context means "returned". Dated the 9th of september 1914.

Then a card adressed to "Wehrmann Menges, 8th company 116, presently prisoner of war in france, Toulouse, Southern France." It is also marked "Over Switzerland, Over Bern", red cross channels? I believe it is from Anna, it has the return adress Grossen Linden. It is dated the 15th of october 1914.

He was a POW until 1919....

Lieber Heinrich:
Ich teile dir mit dass es uns allen noch gut geht, ausser dem kleinen Heinrich er ist noch immer ins Bett, der Arzt sagt er waere Wiren krank, eine langweilige Krankheit. Hoffentlich bist du noch gesund, und kommst gluecklich wieder bein uns an, hier im Dorf sieht man nichts von Krieg, die Arbeit geht immer weiter, im Feld sind wir bald fertig, Kinder gibt es jeden Tag, gestorben ist noch keiner wahrend des Krieges. Ich will dir auf eine Neuigkeit erzaehlen Wenzels Heinrich und Konrads Lisbet haben sich geheirat eine Spassige Geschichte. Hoffentlich hasst du all mein Schreiben schon erhalten. Es Gruessen dich alle das Hausses. Es gruesst dich Anna. Anna geht wieder in die Fabrik, aber zum Schlafkamerad geb ich sie nicht her.
Leb Wohl auf Wiedersehen.

Upside down:

L[ieber] H[einrich] vergess nicht, rufe mich an in der Not, so viele
ich dich eren[eher?] tun,
du sollst mich ge??issen [gerissen??].

Grossen Linden

October 15, 1914

Dear Heinrich:

I want to share with you that everyone is doing well, except for little Heinrich who is still always in bed, the doctor says that it is a viral infection, an long-lasting illness. Hopefully you are still well, and will soon come happily back to us, here in the village you can't see any sign of the war, work continues as before, in the fields we will soon be done, children are born everyday, and nobody has died during the war. I would like to tell you a bit of news. Heinrich Wenzel and Lisbet Konrad got hitched, a funny story. Hopefully you have received all of my writings. Everyone in the house sends greetings. Anna says hello. Anna is going to work in the factory again, but I won't allow her to sleep away from home. Good bye until we meet again.

Dear Heinrich: Don't forget, to call on me in the hour of your need, as I have advised you so often, you should [??] me.
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