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Now here's a pic that speaks volumes...

I believe this is of soldiers resting behind the front. Sadly there's no date or writing on it.

I notice a few things:

Two of them are smoking those huge porcelain pipes. The 5th army recieved pipes like this as christmas gifts in 1914, though these were common everywhere with painted pictures of the Kaiser, the crown prince, humourous images (reservistenpfeifen...), patriotic images etc...

One of the smokers doesn't fit into his feldbluse at all... I don't suppose he got fat at the front
. Was that all they had to issue to him? Shortages?

They are in front of a door with a sign saying "Officers kitchen, entry prohibited". Organized, not a house taken yesterday.

The building appears damaged. There are holes in the wall. Some might be shrapnel/bullet holes. Four of the holes appear to be from shutter hinges torn from the wall. On the window on the right this appears to have been freshly repaired with the hinges put back with new mortar (no not the grenade launcher "mortar", the civilian kind...
). The window on the left is obviously used as an entrance with stairs added, why? was the front entrance too dangerous? Might this be that close to the front?
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