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Here's a card printed to honour the memory of Joseph Müller.

He was an economists son from Aufing bei Bernau and was a soldier in the 15th bavarian reserve infantry regiment, 10th company.

His fate was parallell to Heinrich Fabers, except for one crucial point. Both were wounded at Verdun, and were sent to hospitals in Germany. Müller was sent to Freiburg in Breisgau after being severely wounded. The difference is, of course, that Müller did not survive his injuries.... He died on the 13th of march 1916, an early casualty of that long battle.

The German War graves commission (Volksbund) have Joseph Müller listed. Reservist Joseph Müller is buried in the war cemetery in Labry (France), Block 1 Grave 70. Labry is in Alsace that was then German, and not too far from Breisgau. So, though it would seem strange that he died in hospital in Germany and was buried in France, he really died in Germany and was buried in Germany.

He has a Gew98 with an S98 quillback bayonet. Instead of the lineman tool he carries an axe with the same harness that JPS posted pics of a while back. An interesting detail, I think, with the leather loop for the bayonet scabbard
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