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Posted - 06/17/2007 : 6:21:17 PM Here's one for Big Commander. This one is from the Beverloo training grounds in Belgium (North east of bruxelles).

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All comments are welcome.
Big commander
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Posted - 06/17/2007 : 6:52:48 PM Ho! I know the place as the back of my hand! Fired my first Fal, "Energa" antitank grenade, HP, Vigneron SMG and .30 MG there.
The monument has something to do with the Belgian Congo if memory serves me right. But you will forgive me that in those days (1965)the bars were more interesting to us. I'll try to make a transcription later on. Thank you BC!Ubique fidelis et fortis
(1st recce)Big commander
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Posted - 06/20/2007 : 7:09:46 PM Not perfect, but not so easy either

Abs(ender) Infanterist Jos Kagerer
b. I. E.
/ 5. Batl. in Beverloo / Belgien / W(esten?)

Paulchen Kaltenbacher
Fürstl.(?) Schlossverwalters??ch?? (maybe: ...tochter)
In Schloss Tiergarten
b(ei) Regensburg
Post Donaustauf Bayern

Liebes Paulchen!
Ein Kärtchen von B(everloo), das Denkmal ist in unseren Lager.
Wie geht es dir? Bitte um baldige Antwort.
Herzlich grüsst Dich sowohl werte Angehörige Dein Jos.

And ... I made a terrible mistake in speaking about the Congo
. The monument is for the fallen Belgian soldiers who died in Mexico in Tacambaro, Loma and Morelia. In 1865 they were sent there , without the consent of the Belgian parliament (Kings were rather omnipotent in those days!), in order to save the Emperor of Mexico, Maximilian of Habsburg. He was married to Charlotte, daughter of the first King of Belgium (Leopold I). During this civil war Charlotte begged Europe to come to their aid, in vain. The Emperor was executed by a firing squad in 1867.

The two bronze eagles (please note the snake in their beak on the older picture)have disappeared in WWI

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18.62 KBUbique fidelis et fortis
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Posted - 06/23/2007 : 3:15:36 PM In this one the receiver adress is more interesting than the actual contents of the card....

Sender Infantryman Jos Kagerer
b. I. E. / 5th battallion in Beverloo / Belgium / West

Miss Paulchen Kaltenbacher
Royal castle managers daughter
In castle tiergarten
near Regensburg
Mail Donaustauf Bavaria

Dearest Paulchen!
A card from Beverloo, the memorial is in our camp. How are you? Please answer soon. Your Jos greets you heartfelt as well as your honoured relatives.
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