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Posted - 04/25/2007 : 7:08:27 PM Here's a belgian commemorative medal I picked up by chance. I do not know whether this is a military medal or some post war commercial type. Can anyone tell me more about this? Big Commander, did your father have one of these?

It is designed by E. J. Bremaecker.

The text reads "Medaille Commemorative de la campagne 1914-1918" and "herinnerungs medaille van den veldtocht". If I'm not mistaken both texts read "remembrance medal from the campaign 1914-1918".

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All comments are welcome.
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Posted - 04/26/2007 : 03:51:41 AM Yes, it's an official issue commemorative medal. Awareded to WWI veterans. They're not very valuable over here. You find them at any fleamarket, antique store, militaria show, ebay. But they are a nice inexpensive addition to any medal (or WWI)collection.
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Posted - 04/27/2007 : 10:57:07 AM Andrey is right, I think every military was entitled to wear these if he had been in the Belgian army during WWI. It's one of the medals my father wore but with "not to much pride". There were other medals he would kill for
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